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Toledot is a puzzle & crafting game based on exploring an ever-expanding world within the constraints of the inward facets of a cube. The player controls Ave, an innocent character searching for answers to life's mysteries in this mysterious environment. Ave uses pieces of paper to assemble new items while interacting with this world's inhabitants.

We are looking for great business opportunities, partners/publishers and collaborations with other studios to develop Toiedot as a full game. 
Pitch Sample: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x1_f9QTAvTiyXkZIB16Z503uIyfmYsu9/view?usp=shari...

Playing Toledot is better with an xbox controller.


Ave movements

  • L stick - move
  • X - dig/interact with npc

LT - craft menu 

  • R stick - navigate
  • a/b - change item from slot
  • x/y - info
  • d-pad down - recipes
  • LB - drop/use

 RT - needs menu


Ave movements

  • WASD- move
  • K - dig/interact with npc

Q - craft menu 

  • WS - navigate up down
  • left/right - navigate left right
  • X - change item from slot
  • V - info
  • C - craft
  • R - recipes
  • F - drop/use

 E - needs menu

Platform: #PC


Creative Director - Alexis Colin

Producer - Cristo Yael Ortegon Castillo

Sound Designer  - German Lopez Ochoa

Voice actress  - Isabel Vasquez

Composer  - Hayden Ruffo

Game Design - Tanya Bricker

Gameflow Programmer - Jesús David Avendaño

Gameplay Programmer - Iván Almanza González

Technical Artist - Mario Omar Silva

Script - Pedro Giglio (Brand New Whatever)

UI Design - Miriam Karina Melgoza

Concept Art - Flor Athala Garcia

Concept Art - Payulo Alvarado

3D Artist - Ismael Huico

Environmental Artist - Claudio Rubio

3D Artist Lester Fabian Ramirez Perez

Engine Used: Unity

México, Querétaro

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsIv4n, Alexis Colin


ToledotFinalJamV2.zip 101 MB

Install instructions

unzip the file and run Toledot game inside the folder.

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